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  • The 2017 TER2 Cup winner: Joachim Wagemans

The 2017 TER2 Cup winner: Joachim Wagemans


Joachim, congratulations, the TER2 Cup title is yours

Yes. We clinched the title before the start of the last round in Italy. It has been a good season. We missed the opening round in Romania and only started from Ypres, but from then it was the perfect season for us. The car worked perfectly, and I wish to thank all the team and especially my father. We enjoyed it a lot. There were really good races, and the prize of course is great, so we will see next year.

How was the atmosphere with your TER2 Cup rivals?

Great! I must say that this is different from the national championships, everyone has respect for each other. The cars were also really the same for everyone, the differences most of the time were really small. It is possible to see that the cars are very close, and I am happy with that. We might not be the best friends, but there has been a lot of respect between each other and it was a good championship.

What did You like about the Tour European Rally championship, and what are the things which the organisers should think about changing?

I wouldn't change much, maybe do a couple of other rallies. The prize (a rally with a Hyundai New Generation i20 R5, within a professional team, all costs paid including fireproof clothing supplied by Freem) was really good, so I would advise them to keep this more or less the same. The organisers worked in a very professional way, it's a great team, and also the atmosphere and the relations with other competitors were really good, keep working on that.

What are your plans for 2018?

No plan yet. The only plan we have is one rally in the R5, and we want to do more. We had a good season, with good speed, I hope we can continue. It all depends on the budget, we will see.