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First feeling from Giandomenico Basso



Q:Giandomenico, after winning the TER 2017, you have decided to return to the Tour European Rally also in 2018. What do you expect from this season, in which there will be some news for you both for the Skoda debut and for the championship, for example with the entrance of Antibes (where did you win your last participation) and Abruzzo?

A:I am taking this opportunity to clarify that for the moment we will run the Transylvanian Rally. There is certainly the will to continue, but for the moment we have nothing but the participation except for the prize competition obtained with the victory of the last championship (will be announced soon by the organization of the TER). We are therefore looking for a team that can support us in the continuation in this Championship.

The TER is certainly an interesting Championship; I have always enjoyed racing abroad and I have taken this opportunity again. We also wanted to get back in the car and when this possibility was revealed, we exploited it. I am very curious to see the Skoda Fabia R5, it will be for me the first time.


Q:In Transylvania last year you took the first win of the season, putting the first stone to success in the championship; What memories do you have of that race?

A:A nice memory definitively! An exciting race, with very fast stages. As far as we are concerned, the conditions will be similar to last year. We present ourselves initialy at the start with that we don't know well the car, this time we will try it for the first time at Shakedown and we hope to have a good feeling from the beginning.


Q:You are one of the many riders who, after the winning experience of 2017, has decided to return to racing in the new concept of the Rally series. What did you like about the TER? 

A:I repeat, I like running abroad! The TER is composed of very nice races with a great story behind it, like Ypres, Madeira,as well as Rally of Antibes. Furthermore, conceiving the Rallies as a motor for tourist promotion, the organizing localities is a very important aspect in the TER and this works very well!

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