About us

About us


"The TER project was born to merge the assets of some outstanding rally events in Europe and create a “Series” in order to have an enhanced global promotion.
The chosen events must have outstanding characteristics: based in tourist-oriented areas, they must possess unique specific features different from the other championship events and they must display an excellent touristic and/or historical background.
In all the TER rounds, the "TER RALLY VILLAGE" will enable each event to promote and share its location, tourist packages, food, history, etc.
The TER and its locations are promoted through TV Coverage in 97% of the world (more of 150 countries), by social networks and the most important web platforms, by newspapers, magazines, and other important media”. TV Coverage


The TER is an innovative concept of international rally series FIA Approved, a perfect blend of the sporting and the tourism side of the events and locations enabling a tailored promotion. The rounds combine outstanding characteristics and unique specific features, all enhanced by a dedicated global promotion on TV, social networks, web platforms, newspapers, magazines and other media.



With TER events organisers we are working together for grow up in promotion, with the same targets and we are always open to collaborate with them.
All TV production, press, distribution is managed inside our company, all aspects of TER are managed inside the company.
TER Historic, since 2019 and TER Series (the world series of TER) born in 2023, are also promoted by TER "Modern" and all events of the series are TER events.



- Wide TV/Web Coverage for Drivers/Teams, Events and commercial partners.
- Great promotion opportunities for drivers (TV, web, media, social).
- The Promoter will give each Driver/Team entered in the TER 5 minutes of generic video footage of each event, the video will be FOC and without any TER rights, only with the TER logo and Rally logo in a corner of the screen.
- Free registration, no series entry fee for drivers.
- A supply FOC of TER 25 minutes TV Reports to all Drivers and/or Teams who wish to broadcast TER Events in their country (no international broadcasting, only for local or national TV). The TV Report of each TER event will have the little TER logo in a corner of the screen.
- All the Teams and Drivers will be welcomed in the amazing locations of the TER.
- Dedicated promotional activities involving Drivers during events.
- New-for-2024 tailored sightseeing and TER VIP Tour packages.



We raccomanded and requested to organisers a Tourist involvement of the event venue and participation in the tourism promotion with (preferably) presence in some of other events and within the TER Rally Village and participation in promotional side events organised in TER events.



We organize some promotional events during each rally for promote event, location, drivers and team in TV, web and social, also outside motorsport in order to have a wide audience.
Local administration, drivers and organisers are very happy to participate in these events for their promotion.
Some examples:
- http://www.terseries.com/en/media/video/64/drivers-quot-hot-quot-for-cooking-event-before-the-start-of-tour-european-rally-transilvania-rally-2017
- http://www.terseries.com/en/media/video/74/drivers-in-action-for-tour-european-rally-cooking-event-at-ypres-rally-2017
- http://www.terseries.com/en/media/video/114/drivers-in-action-for-ter-cooking-event-at-rallye-du-valais-2017
- http://www.terseries.com/en/media/video/90/tour-european-rally-rali-vinho-da-madeira-2017-ter-event

Some Examples of TER 25 min. TV report:
- 2021 TER Round 1: https://terseries.com/en/media/video/258/2021-ter-tour-european-rally-rallye-du-chablais-tv-report
- https://terseries.com/en/media/video/98/ter-tour-european-rally-rali-vinho-da-madeira-2017-tv-magazine
- https://terseries.com/en/media/video/244/ter-promo-event-2021-arctic-lapland-rally-tv-report
- https://terseries.com/en/media/video/212/2019-ter-tour-european-rally-rallye-international-du-valais-tv-report

TER TV Reports and Highlights from 2016


2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021,2022 and 2023 TER - TOUR EUROPEAN RALLY 

646 drivers have registered for the Tour European Rally 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Registered drivers come from 31 countries: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Korea, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, UK, Ukraina and USA.

- 2 Official Teams registered in Tour European Rally: Hyundai Motorsport and Toyota Motorsport GmBh.

Main Top Drivers have registered in TER: Sebastien Loeb, Hayden Paddon, Giandomenico Basso, Romain Dumas, Luca Rossetti, Andreas Mikkelsen, Nil Solans, Bryan Bouffier, Paolo Andreucci, Bernd Casier, Mads Ostberg, Ole Christian Veibi, Stephane Lefebvre, Andrea Crugnola, Jaroslav Orsak, Pieter Tsojen, Olivier Burri, Yoann Bonato, Umberto Scandola, Eric Camilli.

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