Why choose TER

Why choose TER

Why should Drivers, Teams, Companies, Fans choose TER series?

- Wide TV/Web Coverage for Drivers/Teams, Events and commercial partners.

- Great promotion opportunities for drivers (TV, web, media, social).

- The Promoter will give each Driver/Team entered in the 2020 TER and TER Historic, 5 minutes of generic video footage of each event, the video will be FOC and without any TER rights, only with the TER logo and Rally logo in a corner of the screen.

- A supply FOC of TER 25 minutes TV Reports to all Drivers and/or Teams who wish to broadcast TER, TER Series and TER Historic Events in their country (no international broadcasting, only for local or national TV). The TV Report of each TER event will have the little TER logo in a corner of the screen.

- All the Teams and Drivers will be welcomed in the amazing locations of the TER.

- Dedicated promotional activities involving Drivers during events.

- New-from-2021 tailored sightseeing and TER VIP Tour packages.