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  • Last day to enter the double TER season showdown… Rallye Antibes Cote d’Azur.

Last day to enter the double TER season showdown… Rallye Antibes Cote d’Azur.


Today is the deadline to register for the 61. Rallye Antibes Cote d'Azur, the final event of the TER 2021 and 2020 seasons. Many drivers are eligible for the series' Titles; waiting for the final entries in the 2021 TER and TER Historic let us recap the situation...

For the 2021 TER Titie a maximum of 35 points are available in Antibes (30 for the rally win + 5 for the Power Stage).
The standings are in favour of  Spanish Ivan Ares, winner in Ferrol with a Hyundai i20 R5. Also in the title fight is fellow Edgar Vigo, a regular of the TER season who has already secured the TER 2 WD title.

Big chanches also for 2 other spanish drivers, Jose Suarez (Skoda Fabia R5) and Javier Pardo (Suzuki Swift R4Kit).
11-time Italian Rally Champion Paolo Andreucci, winner of the 2nd 2021 TER Round in Italy has the opportunity to add an International title to his many national crowns.
Andreucci could secure a TER double, because he is also 1st in the 2020 standings and has the chance to win two Titles at once.

Another driver that can aim for the double is Spanish Luis Villarino with his Skoda Fabia R5.
In the 2021 fight for the title are also:
Vincent Verschueren winner in Belgium with a Volkswagen Polo R5, Mike Coppens winner in Switzerland with a Skoda Fabia Rally2, Andorian Joan Vinyes, Belgians Adrian Fernemont and Bert Coene, Italians Umberto Scandola and Simone Campedelli, Swiss Ivan Ballinari and Joel Rappaz and Spanish Jan Solans.

With smaller chances, but still in the fight:
Cachon, Marchiorio, Oldrati, Salomon, Vanden Abeele, Althaus, Trevisani, Filip and Guillaume Girolamo.

In the TER Juior Championship leader Alejandro Cachon must defend his advantage over Althaus, Girolamo, Loeffler and Maret, all able to take the title.

In TER 2wd Championship, spanish Edgar Vigo and Fatima Ameneiro have already secured the title, ahead of 2 time class champion, Rumanian Alexandru Filip.

The fight is wide open in TER Production/RGT/R4K between the 2 Suzukis of Pardo and Vinyes, Marrini's Mitsubishi and the Porsche 997 of Vanden Abeele.

Due to the 2020 global situation, and the many events cancelled, all drivers in the 2020 TER standings are able to win the title and fight with the leaders Andreucci, Lopez and Tempestini.

In the 2021 TER Historic 2021, the winner of the 3 events Philip Giordanengo with a Ford Escort RS has already clinched his crown.

The Fight for 2nd place is open between: the Swiss Blanchard, the Belgian Jamin, Servais, Cretegny, Metcalfe, Gonon, Dupertuis and Bitto.

In TER Historic J1/J2, Swiss Guy Trolliet and Belgian Danny Kerchkof are the leaders of the series.

In the 2020 TER Historic 2020, Francisco Lopez must defend a 30 point advantage on Tim Metcalfe.
In 2020 TER Historic J1/J2  the title will be a Spanish affair between Javier Pardo or Antonio Sainz, brother of 2 time World Rally Champion Carlos. 

Who will the TER Champions be?