Rallye Sierra Morena

2023 TER – Tour European Rally Round 2 Rallye Sierra Morena achieves over 10 Million Euros of economic impact


University of Córdoba report outlines important figures.


The second round of the 2023 TER – Tour European Rally, 40th Rallye Internacional Sierra Morena- Córdoba Patrimonio de la Humanidad - Trofeo Andalucía Región Europea del Deporte, made its mark in more than one way, according to a report from the University of Córdoba.


The “Analysis of the socio-demographic profile, of the motivations and perceptions of the public attending the Rallye Sierra Morena 2023 and study of its socio-economic impact” report was presented on Thursday, May 11, in the Graduation Room of the Faculty of Labor Sciences of the University of Córdoba.


Amongst the key figures, more than 125,000 spectators, over a third of which undertook tourism activities, and an economic impact on the Córdoba and the Sierra Norte of the province representing 10,668,160.32 euros according to data from the UCO.


Considering an investment of about 300,000 euros, by the Automobile Club of Córdoba as organizing entity, a return of 35.56 euros has been achieved for each euro invested, a great result for the 40th anniversary of Rallye Internacional Sierra Morena, at its maiden year in the TER Series.

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