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Juan Carlos Alonso's 2017 season in the TER


Juan Carlos, You only contested two races in the 2017 Tour European Rally, one on asphalt winning the Production Trophy and one on gravel where You finished second overall. How did you find this championship?

Honestly, I really liked it, because it is a "user-friendly" series for drivers, and this is important as it makes things easier. After winning in Madeira, we wanted to return to the TER in a gravel race, because it is the most suitable surface for us, and I am very happy because in Tuscan Rewind we were second. For us these results are important, in view of what our 2018 season could be.

What did you like about the TER, and what changes would you recommend to the organisers of the new concept of rally series?

Although I have not seen everything, having done only two races, I liked everything. I would appreciate a greater balance between gravel and tarmac.

Do you already have plans for 2018?

Not yet. Now we will enjoy the end of year holidays, but immediately after we will start working for the next season.